Quality and safety

The success of the production quality, safe , wholesome and delicious products are:
- Using of natural raw materials in the manufacture of high-quality products;
- Strict adherence and control of all manufacturing processes;
- Extensive experience and highly qualified employees.

The quality and safety of products , which are produced by company, are controlled at all stages of production - from the moment of milk procurement to finished product on the store shelf :

Сontrol of milk quality
Tight control of milk quality , both at the time of acquisition and at the time of admission to the plant : directly in the reception centers being tested, raw material goes on in the laboratory, where experts monitor the physico-chemical, microbiological and organoleptic characteristics . High quality (purity of milk ), and ensure the appropriate temperature - is the basis of production, which ensures high product quality and long-term storage. Quality control of raw materials
Rigid quality control of raw materials ( interesterified fats and flavor components ) and packaging. Raw materials used for the production contains no artificial preservatives and dyes. All components used in the production, are fixed to the product packaging.
An important component of the quality of the product is the packaging, that also meets the standards of quality and relevant certificates of quality.
Food safety parameters
 In the production special attention is paid to food safety parameters . The plants use modern production lines , which provide  production process, isolated from the external environment. Organoleptic characteristics of the finished product control
During the filling of the finished product, inspection is conducted for organoleptic characteristics of the finished product . Physical and chemical parameters
Before shipment to customers - additional control for more than 10 physical and chemical parameters, and control of microbiological indicators. Monitoring the quality of products
Also, our employees are constantly monitoring the quality of products on the shelves ( with checking compliance with the storage conditions ) .