Natural quality ingredients and traditional recipes, the experience of butter-makers is a guarantee of high quality products "Shpolyanska"
Vegetable-cream products
Vegetable-cream mix "Shpolyanska" 72.5 % of fat

Net weight 200g and 400g

Net weight 500g and 1000g

Net weight 5kg and 10kg

Vegetable-cream products (mix) - a "soft butter" food product comprising a mixture of vegetable and milk fat. It is easily spreaded even after cooling.
Use a vegetable-cream products for sandwiches, pastries, frying and cooking side dishes. After all, it affords beautiful delicate flavor and beneficial properties of natural vegetable and animal fats.
Creamy taste of food "Shpolyanska" will make your dishes truly delicious.
Cottage cheese products
Cheese product "Shpolyanskiy" 40% of fat in dry matter

Net weight ≈2,5 kg

Cheese product " Shpolyansky " - a Dutch-type cheese product made from pasteurized cow milk with partial replacement of milk fat by traditional technology of production of hard cheeses .