Blended butter “Lux”

Blended butter “Lux” 81.5% of fat (including 40% milkfat)

Net weight 200g and 400g

Net weight 500g and 1000g

Net weight 5kg and 10kg

Net weight 5kg and 10kg

Net weight 25kg

Blended butter/ Spread - it's simple and useful!
Spread (from English to spread - «smear") - a product that is made from natural cream and vegetable fats and oils, and it can be spread on bread, and added to various dishes.
The main advantages of spread: recommended for the diet and for people who care about their health; has a great creamy taste and soft texture: not harden even in the refrigerator, easily spreadable; has a balanced composition, except for milk fat, it contains high-quality vegetable oils, enriched polyunsaturated fatty acids, beneficial to health, as well as vitamins A, D, E. The presence of vegetable fats reduces the cholesterol content in the product.